Hy2green - The
Energy storage system
for natural
energy sources

Hy2green stands for energy from natural energy sources such as wind, sun or hydropower stored in hydrogen. It means energy stored without any emissions and with natural raw materials. Our Hy2green system turns locally produced electricity from renewables into hydrogen and stores it very stably and safely in metal powder. On demand, the hydrogen can quickly be released and converted back into electricity. Watch the video to see how Hy2green works and what else it can do.

Latest storage technology
in a historic 300 years old house

We chose a special house to build our first Hy2green system: a former miners’ cottage in the Alps, more than 300 years old, secluded and without a grid connection, but with its own water turbine. Since the watercourse is considerably slower in winter, an energy storage system was required that could store the natural energy over a longer period of time.

The right challenge to realize our first pilot project: For the first time, hydrogen is produced locally, stored in metal powder – without additional compression – and converted back into electricity and heat as required. In particular, our solid-state storage technology enables a compact storage unit, which would be much larger for gaseous storage systems.


Produce and store renewable energy locally

Sun, water or wind – just as long as they are natural and sustainable. The Hy2green storage system is the ideal solution to make better use of locally generated energy from renewables and to become energy self-sufficient.

Store in summer, use in winter

Hydrogen in combination with metal powder results in metal hydride. It is particularly suitable for storing hydrogen long periods and compactly. The benefit: With the energy from summer, you can make light, have a shower and heat your house in winter.

Zero-emission power and heat

The Hy2green system supplies electricity and heat. This increases the overall efficiency of the system without any harmful emissions – only water and oxygen are left behind.

Compact and safe

The metal powder-based Hy2green storage is significantly smaller than other energy storage types, whether for battery technology that would be suitable to store the same amount of energy or for other gaseous hydrogen storage systems.

Make better use of sustainable energy

Energy savings and local energy production from natural, carbon-free energy sources are at the heart of CO2 reduction in the building sector. However, the generation of sustainable energy does not always correspond to the actual demand since sun, wind and water are often not sufficiently available. This continues to make it necessary for the end consumer to purchase costly energy from the electricity provider. The Hy2green storage system enables compact and secure energy storage, even over a longer period of time.

How the Hy2green storage system works

Hydrogen is generated from electrical energy by electrolysis and transferred to storage tanks filled with metal powder. The hydrogen bonds to the metal particles and the result is metal hydride, a stable and safe compound. By simply adjusting the temperature, this compound can be released again to convert the hydrogen in a fuel cell back into electrical power – on demand.

Additionally, the waste heat is collected by the integrated thermal management system and used to heat the house. In the end, only oxygen and water remain – an efficient zero-emission power and thermal power plant.

From project to product

Currently, the Hy2green storage system is a unique pilot project. But our ambition is clear: this innovative, environmentally friendly technology can contribute globally to making better use of energy from renewable sources and to ensuring a high level of reliability of supply

even at remote locations without harmful environmental influences. Here is our plan for the coming months:

Enertour South Tyrol

Enertour offers a look behind the scenes of outstanding energy projects in South Tyrol by organizing excursions. We want to be a part of this forward-looking network and share our knowledge.

Plug & Play

Looking at our pilot project, 2019 will start with an intense series of tests. The findings of these will be leading the way for our next projects to make the system even more compact, convenient and economical.

Variety & size

The Hy2green system is suitable for all three carbon free energy sources – water, sun, wind. We can already do water, now we are looking for suitable projects to scale our system in terms of energy source and size.


Metal hydride storage allows a wide range of applications. The journey of hydrogen as an energy carrier is only just beginning. Ships, self-sufficient mini power plants, commercial vehicles – we are keen to explore the next.